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The business of photography has become tougher every year and this is not just down to the financial crisis. Everyone now considers themselves a photographer, even though they have no idea of the market they are dabbling in. This has destroyed business for the professionals and many can not survive and make an honest living. I have reverted to taking images for myself only and have to tend to a day job in order to continue my photography. This is the space I share my images, gripes and experiences.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Yes, just one image today.
A commodity that most money is spent on in support of operations in Afghanistan.
Soldiers don't ask for mail, not for comforts, DVDs or a video link to their families.

When asked for any requests over the radio, all the command gets is:

"Send more ammo, over!"

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Benches

Conducting my duty in Iraq was stressful and draining and I often found myself looking for a quiet place to gather my thoughts in order to re-gain my emotional energy. Such a place was just round the corner of the entrance door to our operations room.
It was a set of two benches placed in a corner of our blast-walled compound forming the smoking area.
Some engineer or 'wanna-be' carpenter must have thrown them together with a few nails and some rough timber from pallets.
However, now that they have been placed in the same location for 6 years, baked and bone dry from the sun, barely seeing shade under the torn and dilapidated cam-net, the timbers are close to falling apart. The wood had shrunk under the dry climate barely giving the oversized nails anything to hold on to.
Many a soldier had sat here, smoking away and carving their marks in the edges of the boards. Some say each cut symbolizes a kill of enemy forces, others are the opinion that it must have been the desire to leave one's mark before perishing in combat.
The benches are part of the history of our unit.
I wanted to retrieve them and bring them home, however they were left to the US Forces taking over from us. I miss sitting on those benches. They symbolize peace and quiet, a place where I was able to gather my thoughts and recuperate from the daily stress whilst smoking my pipe. May they give US Soldiers the peace that I found whilst serving in Iraq.

All Images were shot on a Nikon F6 using Kodak TMax400 film.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Miss Piggy's Ordeal

Miss Piggy ended up on an operating table after being struck by a car. The piglet didn't really have a chance. It suffered from internal injuries and shock that the vet could not cure.
Little Miss Piggy died on the table approx. 20 min after being admitted.

Wild Boar should not be allowed to cross the road. The damage to the car was expensive, to say the least!

Grey and Pale

Not that we are all living in a shade of grey and dull green, but that seems to what the world is coming to. We are wasting our planet away, either by poisoning it with crude oil or by destroying it by war. It will all end in tears if we do not do something about it.
Additionally, have we not all had enough of war and destruction, loss of life and sacrifice?
It also costs money... lots of it, and we are all paying for it, one way or another.