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The business of photography has become tougher every year and this is not just down to the financial crisis. Everyone now considers themselves a photographer, even though they have no idea of the market they are dabbling in. This has destroyed business for the professionals and many can not survive and make an honest living. I have reverted to taking images for myself only and have to tend to a day job in order to continue my photography. This is the space I share my images, gripes and experiences.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Miss Piggy's Ordeal

Miss Piggy ended up on an operating table after being struck by a car. The piglet didn't really have a chance. It suffered from internal injuries and shock that the vet could not cure.
Little Miss Piggy died on the table approx. 20 min after being admitted.

Wild Boar should not be allowed to cross the road. The damage to the car was expensive, to say the least!

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  1. One thing I love most about blogs is that you never know who will stop by or what they are about. I thank you for your comments and even though I appreciate photography, I am no good at it but enjoy seeing people who strive to become so.