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The business of photography has become tougher every year and this is not just down to the financial crisis. Everyone now considers themselves a photographer, even though they have no idea of the market they are dabbling in. This has destroyed business for the professionals and many can not survive and make an honest living. I have reverted to taking images for myself only and have to tend to a day job in order to continue my photography. This is the space I share my images, gripes and experiences.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Back to the UK

Been back to the UK last week. It really aggravated me that I was unable to link up to the net in order to maintain my updates. I had loads to share.

For starters, I went back to see to some business that occupied me for only 16 hours in total. Driving over there from Germany by car seemed lunacy as I was away from my accommodation in NRW for over 4 days... just to attend 2 meeting that were no more work than 16 hours?

I am not doing that one again! I will fly across next time, no matter the cost.
Well, this time round I may have been stuck due to the volcano's eruption in Iceland.
My brother is stuck in Madrid with his wife on a forced holiday extension. Lucky him!

The driver of this Range Rover actually transported this Gas Bottle on the back seat of his vehicle... until the coppers stopped him and passed on a hefty fine; just as he deserved.

Little Bump!
Biker didn't look where he was going.

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