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The business of photography has become tougher every year and this is not just down to the financial crisis. Everyone now considers themselves a photographer, even though they have no idea of the market they are dabbling in. This has destroyed business for the professionals and many can not survive and make an honest living. I have reverted to taking images for myself only and have to tend to a day job in order to continue my photography. This is the space I share my images, gripes and experiences.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saturday Activity: Shopping

Went shopping with the wife today for our weekly food-shop. She thrives on that and leaves me in peace sipping a coffee in a cafe. That gives me a chance to catch up with all the news in the photography world by reading the newest magazines and papers.

After this 'exciting' event I returned to scanning. I have reached the 542 mark but there is still no end in sight. Find below another edit. Its nothing great, just an edit that I made whilst waiting for the scanner to do its thing.

The wife is also starting to irritate me now with her naggin' about what I need to do for her. She keeps interrupting me, bothering me with niff'naff' and trivia. I think she doesn't really want me occupied with anything that hasn't to do with her.

I sometimes wonder...

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